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Elderly Care

Voice and avatar UI for the elderly



AI tutor avatars

Founded in 2021 in Osaka, susuROBO, Inc. is no stranger to enabling ground-breaking voice experiences. Our roots are in social robots and conversational agents that were once confined to the university labs. Our goal is to help everyone become a creator of engaging AI-driven experiences.

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susuROBO represents Osaka at Singapore's SWITCH2021

At one of the Asia's premier innovation conferences, Singapore's SWITCH2021, susuROBO is proud to be one of the 9 companies selected by JETRO to represent Osaka.


We've graduated 500 Global Kobe Founder Academy!

We have just finished the 4 week non-equity program called Founder Academy that is hosted by 500 Global and the city of Kobe. It was fully remote, but the energy of mentors and participants was so amazing that we've got quite an impetus!s


susuROBO takes the "Expo Winner" award at Plug and Play Japan summit

susuROBO has graduated from the Winter/Spring 2022 batch of Plug and Play Japan accelerator. We were honored with the "EXPO Winner" award at the demo day in March of 2022.


2023, September. Sakishima Tech program selection, World EXPO 2025 Osaka candidate.

2023, July. Toshiba, Inc, collaboration agreement.

2022, July. Takaishi City Senior Living Lab pilot test.

2022, March. Winner, Demo Day, Plug and Play Japan.

2021, December. Winner, Osaka Prefecture Promising Healthcare Business Plan Contest.

2021, July. Winner of a 5G subsidy from Osaka Prefecture and Softbank.

2021, February. Founded in Osaka.